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Main topic coronavirus: Effects on the logistics industry

April 15, 2021
  • Top-class speakers and global players will explore the effects of the pandemic
  • Conference program and company sessions from and with over 60 notable partners, associations and companies
  • transport logistic Online will address all players in the logistics industry

The coronavirus also presents the logistics industry with challenges. Airplanes grounded, containers backed up in Europe’s ports, global supply chains interrupted: Questions like how the industry will handle this and what solutions there are will be answered at transport logistic Online. From May 4 to 6, 2021 the digital symposium for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management offers a unique overview of the current topics and challenges in the industry.

Three days of know-how transfer and networking: transport logistic Online combines professional exchange with a digital trade fair feeling. Top-speakers and global players will explore the various aspects of the coronavirus topic in keynotes, discussion rounds and company sessions.

“Post-pandemic strategies: How much resilience does logistics need?” That’s the title of one of the discussion rounds of the Deutsches Verkehrsforum e.V. (DVF). It will address the question of what supplier relationships and supply chains will have to look like in future, and how politics can contribute.

“Logistics after the crisis—How can companies manage risks correctly?”—this specialist session, organized by the international weekly magazine “Verkehr” brings together representatives from economics and politics. They will discuss strategies for increased independence from global influencing factors; the coronavirus crisis revealed just how much Europe’s industry depends on the flow of goods from Asia.

The 11th international conference for maritime logistics, mariLOG, deals with the relationship between carriers and their customers in the question:

“How can we fix the damage done by the coronavirus?” Here, high-ranking company representatives will discuss market power and cargo rates versus contract compliance and quality.

Although it is impossible to create the distinctive atmosphere of a physical trade fair, the transport logistic Online conference offers highly tailored added value. Last but not least, the mission and motto of this industry event is reflected by the renowned panel discussion “Strength through transformation: What lessons from the coronavirus pandemic can we apply to future crises?”

Panelist Dr. Stephan Peters, Member of the Management Board of the Rhenus Group, reports on the handling of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic: “Although the COVID-19 pandemic has massive effects on global flows of commodities, we have been able to take measures at an early stage to protect our employees and maintain our customers’ supply chains thanks to permanent crisis management. transport logistic Online offers us the appropriate framework for exchanging with other market players about our experiences handling the pandemic.”

Dr. Clemens Först, spokesperson of the Board of ÖBB Rail Cargo Group, stresses the importance of transport logistic Online: “The opportunity to discuss the current challenges, developments and trends despite the current regulations in the form of an online symposium is an added value for the whole industry.” In light of the multi-faceted effects of the coronavirus crisis on the logistics industry, Först recommends that all of his partners and customers take part in the conference: “The extensive program offers visitors the opportunity to learn about different areas of the sector, as well as the future of logistics and current trends.”

For Fedor Novikov, Marketing Director of the Volga-Dnepr Group, the air cargo Europe conference is among the highlights of the transport logistic Online program: “It has always been one of the central events of the logistics industry, and even in a virtual format will give an excellent overview of the market situation and get the important players together. And this then offers the chance to share experiences with colleagues and offers an outlook for the coming year.” In Novikov’s opinion, the coronavirus had a central role in making the air cargo industry visible for the first time: “For a lot of people, the coronavirus was an eye-opener—they began to appreciate air cargo more, and to understand its role and dependencies in the supply chain.”

Emile Hoogsteden, Vice President Commercial of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, also sees transport logistic Online as an important instrument for “staying in touch. In these unprecedented times, motivation and inspiration are the key, so let’s stay in touch, gather information and get ahead. For years, the trade fair in Munich has been the main event for the industry. While it’s a shame it can’t take place in the usual form, that’s no reason to stand still.” His colleague, Matthijs van Doorn, Logistics Manager at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, is also seeing positive effects for the industry in the accelerated digitalization caused by the COVID-19 crisis. “Digitalization will significantly increase efficiency in the transport of goods. It will also lead to a better balance between supply and demand in the industry, and promote transparency within the various supply chains.”

Additional key topics at transport logistic Online are:

• New business models: Platform economy, digital transformation

• Sustainability: Alternative drives, optimizing the supply chain

All players invited

The transport logistic Online conference addresses all players in the logistics industry: Startup-founders, young professionals, decision-makers and experts as well as CEOs from companies and corporations. All those who want to take part can receive free access to the online platform by registering at During the online conference, participants can switch back and forth between the presentations and sessions they’re interested in. 30 top companies will also offer individual, one-hour-long company sessions.

Detailed information on the conference program and the individual presentations can be found at

transport logistic will once again take place as a physical trade fair from May 9 to 12, 2023 in the exhibition halls in Munich.

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