Four days, four topics—that's the new transport logistic Campus Plaza!

You are looking for compact information, new perspectives, expert contacts and plenty of networking opportunities? The new transport logistic Campus Plaza in Hall B2 is where established companies and startups will present themselves at stand B2.215/314. Focusing on one topic at a time, you will encounter daily changing experts and the latest approaches to sustainability, alternative drives, start-ups, jobs & careers. Pure networking: four days, four topics and a platform where people of like mind can develop new ideas.

The daily changing participants as well as the program in the SpeakersCorner can be found here.

The focus topics

Tuesday, May 9, 2023: Sustainability
Wednesday, May 10, 2023: Alternative drives
Thursday, May 11, 2023: Start-ups
Friday, May 12, 2023: Jobs & career

Sustainability—green synergy

The smaller the footprint, the better. Yet, sustainability is not a sure-fire success. What are the solutions that really improve processes along the supply chain, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs or increase competitiveness? Join the discussion!

Time Company Speaker,
Title of presentation Language
Time 10:30 Company GreenRouter Speaker,
Andrea Fossa
Title of presentation Drive Down Your Climate Impact Language English
Time 11:00 Company Routescanner Speaker,
Chantal Gouka, Managing Director Routescanner
Title of presentation Move beyond reporting. Rethink your supply chain. Language English
Time 11:30 Company Alpega TMS Speaker,
Marcus da Costa, Pre-sales Consultant
Title of presentation Reduce your footprint with a TMS subtitle: What is a TMS and why do you need one for sustainability Language English
Time 12:00 Company ADECON Speaker,
Wojciech Wisniewski
Title of presentation Tailored logistics solutions for e-mobility sector by ADECON Language English
Time 12:30 Company Koskisen Speaker,
Andreas Strauch, R&D Project Manager
Title of presentation Loading sens to cargo optimization Language English
Time 13:00 Company UTA Edenred Speaker,
Richard Röhr, Sales Director DACH
Title of presentation Mobilität einfach nachhaltig Language German
Time 13:30 Company ALPHA Augmented Services Speaker,
Massimo Rossetti
Title of presentation Reduce enterprise shipping costs and shrink carbon footprint with data-driven, cloud-based technology Language English
Time 14:00 Company CarbonStack GmbH Speaker,
Julian Kakarott, Gründer und CEO, CarbonStack GmbH
Title of presentation Grüne Logistik: Wie CO2-Emissionen entlang der Lieferkette transparent kompensiert werden Language German
Time 14:30 Company ClimatePartner GmbH Speaker,
Bente Verheul, Sustainability Consultant & Maximilian Behr, Commercial Sustainability Manager
Title of presentation 5 steps in climate action for logistics companies Language English
Time 15:00 Company NIC-Place a FourKites Company Speaker,
Marc Boileau, Sr. Vice President Sales, Network & Operations EMEA
Title of presentation Sustainability in Supply Chain Visibility Language English
Time 15:30 Company VTG GmbH Speaker,
Bernd Nawitzky & Eike Furkert
Title of presentation Sustainable Solutions in European Rail Freight Transport Language English

Participating companies


Cezary Ewertowski
Tel: +48 664 936 204

Alpega TMS

Marcus da Costa
Tel +43 664 968 6759

ALPHA Augmented Services

Mobile CH +41 79 606 9352
Mobile US +1 305 930 4736

NIC-Place a FourKites Company
Tel: + 49 (0) 160 97742619

UTA Edenred

Bernd Schnepel

Alternative drives—technical details

Each and every kilogram of CO₂ is a burden on our environment. Learn about alternative drive systems in practice, as a bridging technology and as a vision for the future. Hydrogen, biogas, electricity - on land, on water, in the air. From trucks to drones, technology is developing faster than we think. Find out more.

Time Company Speaker,
Title of presentation Language
Time 10:30 Company Dronamics Speaker,
Kal Petrov, Director
Title of presentation New Market Development Language English
Time 11:00 Company Cojali S.L. Speaker,
José Ángel Gallego
Title of presentation Disruptive Technologies for Transport Industry Language English
Time 11:30 Company KEYOU GmbH Speaker,
Pedro Bravo, Head of Business Development
Title of presentation The hydrogen engine as a CO2-free propulsion technology for the commercial vehicle sector Language English
Time 13:00 Company HyWheels-Hessenflotten-Cluster Speaker,
Lena Maier & Christoph Burkard
Title of presentation HyWheels-Hessenflotten-Cluster: BZ-Lkw für Hessen Language German
Time 13:30 Company Terberg Spezialfahrzeuge Speaker,
Carsten Giese, Vertriebsingenieur/Vertrieb Außendienst Mitte-West
Title of presentation Where special comes as standard: Wo grüne Logistik auf innovative Software-Lösungen trifft Language German

Participating companies


Srecko Filipovic
+49 152 09331466


Terberg Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH
Tel: 040 – 430 911 40

Start-ups—innovation galore

Start-ups have a fresh take on our logistics industry and are important players in a modern logistics world. Young companies present their innovations and solutions. When it comes to digitalization, automation and efficient processes, this is where you are at the forefront.

Time Company Speaker,
Title of presentation Language
Time 10:00 Company NeoCargo AG Speaker,
Larissa Eger
Title of presentation NeoCargo - Vernetzung neu gedacht Language German
Time 10:30 Company Pacurion Speaker,
Dominik Leufgen, Co-CEO & Mitgründer Pacurion
Title of presentation Paletten digital beschaffen – Wie Pacurion den Ladungsträgermarkt revolutioniert Language German
Time 11:00 Company XP Lasi App Speaker,
Michael Audorf
Title of presentation Die digitale Dokumentation per App, wie der digitale Nachweis der Ladungssicherung, des Fahrzeugzustandes oder der Fahrtenbuchkontrolle Unternehmen helfen kann, Zeit und Geld zu sparen. Language German
Time 11:30 Company INSURFOX GmbH Speaker,
Jürgen Sprang, CEO / Partner
Title of presentation INSURFOX – digitale B2B Versicherungslösungen für Logistik, Transport und Mobilität Language German
Time 12:00 Company IMPARGO GmbH Speaker,
Gerhard Hänel, Mitbegründer und Geschäftsführer von IMPARGO
Title of presentation Language German
Time 12:30 Company INSPECTO Speaker,
Bartłomiej Maćkiewicz
Title of presentation Your fleet without surprises! 24/7 control of the fleet condition and equipment Language English
Time 13:00 Company Basetrack Speaker,
Wojciech Bujak - Business Development Director CEE
Title of presentation Language English
Time 13:30 Company Frachtigall GmbH Speaker,
Simon Fackler, Managing Director, Founder
Title of presentation Digitale, multilinguale Dokumente. Digitales Palettenpool, Frachtigall Connect. Language German
Time 14:00 Company Loady Speaker,
Stefanie Kraus, Co-Founder, CEO
Title of presentation Freitexte adé. Mit standardisierten Ladeanforderungen aus Loady sparen Verlader, Logistiker und Kunden Zeit und Kosten. Language German
Time 14:30 Company Streamliner Speaker,
Kris Van Ransbeek
Title of presentation Social Platforms, a highly scalable, secure and capex-light way to digitize of your supply chain.
By Streamliner
Language English
Time 15:00 Company PrivaMap Speaker,
Vianney Lorthioir
Title of presentation Be more attractive towards your transporters Language English

Participating companies

+49 (0) 30 12083684


Paweł Konowoł
+48 690 299 248

Tel: 02864 7291010

XP Lasi App
Tel: 0049-175-5343500 (auch WhatsApp)

Job & career—new perspectives

Friday is career day. The industry talks about the latest trends in the working world, employers introduce themselves, you will learn more about career opportunities in the logistics industry: the Campus Plaza transforms into a platform for careers in logistics. Will you be there?

Time Company Speaker,
Title of presentation Language
Time 10:30 Company EUROGATE Speaker,
Insa Eden, HR Business Partner Talent Management
Title of presentation EUROGATE: Rechteckig, praktisch, gut – dein Einstieg in den Pulsschlag der Wirtschaft Language Deutsch
Time 11:00 Company M&M Militzer & Münch Speaker,
Eva-Charlotte Dürr
Title of presentation Gen. Z und die Millennials – Herausforderungen für Arbeitgeber Language Deutsch
Time 11:30 Company TIRconnect Speaker,
Andrea Adamo, CEO
Title of presentation Need drivers? Learn how tirconnect can help you grow your hiring. Language English
Time 12:00 Company Transporeon GmbH Speaker,
Jan Rzehak, Director Business Consulting
Title of presentation Solving the empty mileage problem for a sustainable future Language English

Participating companies

M&M Militzer & Münch GmbH

persona service AG & Co. KG

TIR connect
+39 349 684 3967

Pure networking and a contact for every topic

  • Head start in knowledge: dense first-hand information in 15-minute presentations.
  • Innovations: up-to-date with innovative solutions.
  • Market overview: tapping into important topics in a convenient and insightful way.
  • Contacts: developing concrete approaches to solutions in individual discussions.
  • Synergy effects: establishing valuable international contacts.

“The lack of digitalization makes it difficult for many freight forwarders, carriers or shippers to align their companies towards the future. As the company Frachtigall, we will be presenting innovative digital solutions for the logistics industry and are looking forward to the personal exchange at transport logistic Campus Plaza in May.”
– Simon Fackler, Founder/Managing Director

“CarbonStack develops regional reforestation projects to help German companies implement transparent and high-potential climate protection projects. We are very pleased with transport logistic to focus on sustainability on May 9, 2023—and to have a Campus Plaza to offer start-ups like us a presentation platform. We are looking forward to getting together in Munich to discuss how CO2 emissions along the supply chain can be transparently compensated for green logistics.”
– Julian Kakarott, CEO and Founder, CarbonStack GmbH

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