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Internacional de Contenedores Asociados de Veracruz S.A. de C.V. | Press Release

Message from Hutchison Ports Mexico. Stand B2.239

Massive and relevant trade for automotive, food, chemical and countless other industries, transit from Europe to/from the Mexican market. More specifically through the Atlantic ocean, experiencing a growth of 8% during each of the last three years. 


Mexican ports attended 7 million TEU in 2018. The Gulf of Mexico moved 2.1 million TEUs in same year (30% of the total Mexican ports combined) and being the port of Veracruz the most important in the Gulf of Mexico, it attended alone 1.1 million TEU, 52% of the total Mexican Atlantic trade.


Being this such a relevant trade for these regions and others, in response to market needs, since more than 12 years ago a brand new container terminal was envisioned by Hutchison Ports. After due process, on June 30th 2019, the modernization of the port of Veracruz will be prepared to start up operations within a top class container terminal regarding processes, berth length, draft and first quality performance at Veracruz.

Internacional de Contenedores Asociados de Veracruz S.A. de C.V.
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