“Rethinking the transport of goods to the customer's front door”

What are currently the top trends in the transport and logistics market from your viewpoint?

Dr. Frank Albers

One of the top trends in the transport and logistics market is clearly last city mile logistics due to the continued fast-growing email order trade. The public debate on particulate pollution in inner cities and government CO² emission regulations call for rethinking the transport of goods to the customer's front door. This requires sustainable and intelligent solutions for future-oriented and comprehensive green logistics. KRONE relies on a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made vehicle concepts, which covers the entire transport chain seamlessly from a semi-trailer to our own last-mile solution “Rytle” and all the way to telematics services.

Another trend is the progressive digitalization of logistics. The use of robots and the automation of processes not only counteracts the shortage of skilled workers, but can also lessen the load on employees. For example, a driver is successively guided through the legally prescribed visual inspections via augmented reality with the help of the KRONE Smart Trailer Check. This guarantees efficient vehicle inspection and actively contributes to increased road safety.

What expectations do you have for 2019?

We can also assume that the shipping of packages will continue to increase strongly in 2019 due to the booming online trade. For this reason, KRONE has decided to double its production capacity in the field of interchangeable systems and dry freight cases at its Herzlake site to 25,000 units per year. In addition, KRONE is continuing to pursue the goal of further expanding its services sector in 2019 and consequently establishing the Smart Trailer even more strongly on the market.

Where do you currently see the greatest opportunities/risks for global trade?

The trade dispute between the USA and China will continue to be a concern for the world and therefore world trade in 2019 too. However, Brexit will probably have a stronger influence on KRONE. Threatening customs duties might inevitably lead to price adjustments.