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Sustainability - our way into the future

As a social player, we at Messe München take our social and ecological responsibility seriously. Sustainability is therefore firmly anchored in our corporate strategy.

We have committed to becoming CO₂-neutral by 2030. That is 20 years earlier than envisaged in the Paris Climate Agreement and 10 years earlier than the target set by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA).

To this end, we have developed a sustainability strategy tailored to the trade fair industry.

With our holistic sustainability program, we are continuously implementing projects to reduce CO₂ emissions for Messe München.

Role model function

At a time when sustainability and environmental awareness are crucial, we are committed to taking responsibility for a greener future. We firmly believe that the logistics industry has a key role to play in protecting our environment. That is why we are calling on all exhibitors and visitors to join us in this important cause. Together we can develop innovative solutions, use resources efficiently and drive sustainable change in the transportation and logistics industry. Join us in setting the course for an environmentally friendly and sustainable logistics industry!

Sustainability is not optional, it is a necessity. transport logistic is aware of its role model function as the leading platform for the transport and logistics industry. We invite our exhibitors and visitors to join us at transport logistic with a wide range of offers to become active on the path to greater sustainability.

Thiemt, Caroline
  • Project manager transport logistic
  • Messe München

Acting sustainably. The measures taken at transport logistic.

As the leading international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management, we want to take responsibility and express the principle of sustainability in our actions. We want to set a good example and make transport logistic more sustainable in a continuous process.

Our priorities:

Climate-friendly stand construction

  • We do without aisle carpets and thus conserve resources.
  • Our special surfaces are made from sustainable, resource-saving materials.

Eco-friendly infrastructure

  • From transport logistic 2025, public transport will again be included in all exhibitor passes and visitor tickets for the first time. Thanks to the direct connection to public transport, we are enabling and promoting an environmentally friendly journey.
  • You can recharge your electric vehicle at one of our 110 charging stations on the exhibition grounds.
  • Sustainable waste disposal: We take the waste resulting from construction and dismantling to be recycled as commercial waste. Recyclable materials can thus be fed back into the economic cycle.

Sustainable advertising materials

  • We are reducing our print runs and continuously optimizing our digital advertising materials. For example, we no longer print a trade fair catalog for the trade fair, but only a much smaller visitor planner.
  • If we do use printed advertising material, we only use FSC-certified environmental paper.
  • We consciously work with printing companies that are committed to the principle of sustainability.

Valuable partnerships

  • In cooperation with our partner myclimatewe offer the opportunity to make a contribution to climate protection for the CO2 emissions caused by traveling to and attending the trade fair.
  • For our catering partners, the focus is on regional and seasonal sourcing and sustainable use of resources. They are actively committed to combating food waste and offer a comprehensive range of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Visit sustainably. Exhibit sustainably.

Everyone can make a contribution to climate protection, including you as a visitor and exhibitor at transport logistic.

Visit sustainably

  • You do not need to bring a printed ticket with you. It is sufficient to scan the ticket on your cell phone at the entrance. You will receive a badge there. This saves you paper.
  • Make the most of your time on site. Take advantage of the fact that the industry is on site and make as many business contacts as possible at the trade fair. This will save you individual travel to customers, partners and service providers.
  • Which flyers, brochures and catalogs do you really need? Information such as the hall plan, the exhibitor list, the lecture program and much more can be found quickly and easily in the transport logistic event app and in the transport logistic exhibitor directory. The information can be used optimally both in preparation and on site thanks to the WLAN we provide free of charge. This reduces the printing of brochures and flyers and saves material for the benefit of the environment.
  • If at all, only take sustainable or environmentally friendly give-aways with you from the trade fair.
  • Have you received a lanyard? Feel free to use it for your next visit to the trade fair. The more often they are reused, the fewer lanyards need to be produced.
  • Seasonal and regional produce is the focus of the gastronomy partners' offerings. As a visitor, you also have a wide choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Exhibit sustainably

  • Sustainable stand construction: Talk to your stand constructor about sustainable stand construction options. Our partner meplan offers you the innovative exhibition stand system WOODï by meplan. Thanks to its modularity and clever circularity, WOODï makes your trade fair presentation easier and more sustainable than ever before. WOODï creates measurable added value and also helps you to fulfill your ESG obligations.
  • Waste is generated before, during and after the trade fair. In order to minimize the amount of waste generated, certain aspects should be taken into account in the early planning phase. The guide for waste prevention is intended to help you identify and implement ways to reduce waste through careful preparation and design.
  • Decide whether you really need give-aways. If so, opt for sustainably and fairly produced giveaways that your customers can use for as long as possible.
  • You don't have to bring a printed copy of your ticket! It is sufficient to scan the ticket on your cell phone at the entrance. You will receive a badge there. This will save you paper. If you invite your customers to the trade fair with visitor vouchers, let them know about this too.
  • Climate-conscious catering: When choosing your catering, also consider vegetarian or vegan options. Many caterers already have a wide range of options and use regional and seasonal ingredients.
  • Check whether the number of printed advertising materials can be reduced and focus more on digitalization.
  • Good printing: Make sure you work with print shops that are committed to the principle of sustainability and use FSC-certified environmental paper.

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