Tips, Dates & Deadlines

The most important dates and deadlines, information on setup and dismantling as well as helpful tips for exhibitors.

Dates & Deadlines


April, 2024

Start of application phase for main exhibitors and co-exhibitors

Project Management
Tel.: +49 89 949 20271

September 15, 2024

Application deadline to secure the contingent of 100 free online vouchers

Project Management
Tel.: +49 89 949 20271

From October 2024 onwards
One week after receipt

Dispatch of placement proposal (by email)
Confirmation date placement proposal

Project Management
Tel.: +49 89 949 20271

January 2025

Exhibitor shop online and information about registration and access (by email)

Project Management
Tel.: +49 89 949 20271

January 2025

Dispatch of admission invoice (by email)
Payment due March 31, 2025

Project Management
Tel.: +49 89 949 20271

February 28, 2025

Application deadline co-exhibitors (co-exhibitors received later will only be published in the online directories)

Project Management
Tel.: +49 89 949 20271

March 15, 2025

Ordering and approval of your entry in the official trade fair media (via the exhibitor shop)

Neureuter Fair Media
Tel.: +49 201 36547410

April 10, 2025

Deadline for ordering technical stand services

Exhibitor Technical Services Team
Tel.: +49 89 949 21164

April 10, 2025

Deadline submitting stand concepts for approval

Exhibitor Technical Services Team
Tel.: +49 89 949 21164

as of May 26 to May 31, 2025 (daily from 07:00-23:00h)
June 1, 2025 from 07:00-18:00

Set-up period

Final set-up day (Sunday)

Exhibitor Technical Services Team
Tel.: +49 89 949 21164

June 2-5, 2025
(Monday – Thursday)

transport logistic 2025

Project Management
Tel.: +49 89 949 20271

June 5, 2025, 16:00-24:00h
June 6, 2025, 00:00-23:00h
June 7, 2025, 07:00-23:00h
June 8, 2025, 07:00-18:00h

Dismantling period

Exhibitor Technical Services Team
Tel.: +49 89 949 21164

Tips & information for exhibitors

The following topics contain a brief explanation of the most important steps in the organisation of your trade-fair participation after the exhibitor application, e.g. regarding the placement process, stand building and equipment as well als invoicing.

1. Placement process—find your perfect exhibition space

  • After the start of allocation of stands, you will receive a stand proposal by e-mail to the correspondence contact named in the application.
  • Check this proposal carefully, especially with regard to location, stand type and size.
  • If everything meets your expectations, you can confirm your stand space by clicking on the "Accept" button, thus concluding a binding contract.
  • If you wish a different placement, please click the "Decline" button and describe your preferred placement request in as much detail as possible. We will do our best to provide you with a new placement proposal within the possibilities.

The admission invoice will be sent out from mid-January 2025. For more information, see "6. Invoicing - Admission and final invoice".

2. Stand building—Designing the perfect stand

The stand space booked via the online application does not include stand construction. You have the following alternatives to build your stand:

  • hiring a stand builder, e.g. meplan
  • using your own stand, taking into account the technical guidelines; you can add services from the Exhibitor Shop, such as electricity
  • ordering equipment such as flooring, partition walls, furniture, etc. individually via the Exhibitor Shop
  • booking a Full-service stand package including stand construction

Dimensioned drawings including floor plans and elevations on a scale of 1:100 must be submitted to , for approval if the following stand requirements exist:

  • planning a twostorey stand
  • stands larger than 100 m²
  • stand structures exceeding 3 m in height
  • stand covering are used

Stand building—Advice & Contact

Technical Exhibition Service TAS1
Tel.: +49 89 949-21164

3. Exhibitor Shop—Ordering services for your stand online

Various services, such as electricity, cleaning, security, parking permits, etc., can be ordered via the Exhibitor Shop,provided you have confirmed your stand space.

  • You will receive the login information for the Exhibitor Shop by e-mail after confirmation of your stand proposal.
  • Please be sure to observe the order deadlines, as surcharges will apply for orders placed at very short notice.
  • Your stand will not be guarded by Messe München. We recommend that you book your own security via the Exhibitor Shop if necessary.
  • If you are planning an evening event at your stand, please register this using the appropriate form in the Exhibitor Shop.
  • You can also create your exhibitor passes via the Exhibitor Shop. They are available to you fully personalised and electronically as a mobile ticket for smartphone and tablet or Print@Home ticket. As a main exhibitor, you have a quota of free permanent exhibitor passes at your disposal; you will find the number in your placement proposal. Only used passes will be charged, the first ones used will automatically count as free of charge.

4. Your entry in the transport logistic Exhibitor Directory and Visitor Guide

  • The only and official Media Services partner for entries in the transport logistic media (Online exhibitor directory and visit planner) is NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA.
  • Exhibitors can book additional listings, e.g. in the product directory, logo and other presentation opportunities in these communication media in a separate order process. The booking option will be made available to applicants by NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA.


We would like to point out that exhibitors at transport logistic are frequently contacted by outside companies that are supposedly acting on behalf of Messe München. Please note that these companies have not been commissioned by us.

5. Set-up and dismantling—Useful tipps

All information regarding set-up and dismantling, logistics and traffic on the exhibition grounds—e.g. traffic guide, delivery of goods, approved forwarding agents—can be found under Logistics & Traffic.

6. Invoicing—Admission invoice and final invoice

Once you have confirmed your placement proposal, you will receive your admission invoice.

  • The invoice recipient is always the company registered as an exhibitor.
  • If a different invoice recipient is desired, the exhibition management must be informed by e-mail to as early as possible and a corresponding form must be requested, completed and returned.
  • If desired, we will be happy to include an order number on our invoices. Please contact the exhibition management via email at an early stage, at the latest before issuing the invoice.
  • Subsequent invoice changes will be invoiced at 50 EUR.
  • Approx. 4 to 6 weeks after the fair, exhibitors will receive the final invoice. In the final invoice, the advance payment for services, which was already made when the admission invoice was paid, is offset against the services actually ordered.

Optional services

Co-exhibitor registration—Sharing your exhibition space at the fair

Co-exhibitors must be registered by the main exhibitor and will be contacted by Messe München GmbH and NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA (our Media Services partner) directly.

The main exhibitor receives an appropriate link which can be used to register co-exhibitors on its stand. If you would like to register as a co-exhibitor, please contact your main exhibitor directly.

Advertising opportunities at the exhibition venue

Eye-catching promotional ads, attractive advertising space and individual sponsoring offers to reinforce your exhibit — Media Sales is your contact and consultant when it comes totargeted ways to address the audience of industry professionals at the trade-fair center.Take a look at the diverse range of advertising alternatives in the entrances, halls and outdoor areas of the tradefair center as well as our sponsoring offers.

An overview of the available advertising spaces and advertising media can be found in the advertising space brochure.

Media Sales - Advice & Contact

Tel. +49 89 949-20591