IT, telematics, e-business, telecommunications

The exhibition sector for IT, telematics, e-business, and telecommunications presents the latest developments for the logistics industry. Find out more through a direct comparison of innovative products, systems, and solutions.

Communications systems

  • Work-station systems for communications technology
  • Digital radio communications systems
  • Networked communications systems
  • Mobile communications systems
  • Display and information systems and installations

Mobile, networked, digital—that´s how communication works today. transport logistic takes full account of the great importance of communication in logistics, and in the section on “Communications systems” it will be showcasing the latest trends for the workstation or on the move. These form the basis for information systems perfectly adapted to logistics. Also on show here are modern display and information systems and installations.


  • IT systems for logistics and transport
  • Databases and information systems
  • On-board computers and their peripherals
  • Identification and coding systems
  • Route planning

The term “big data” is on everybody´s lips. And at transport logistic, too, much attention is given to this subject. Because in logistics in particular there are lots of data, and these have to be processed in a sensible way, and fully in line with legal requirements. “IT systems” is a big section at the show, presenting hardware such as on-board computers and identification systems, and software, databases and information systems, such a route planning, goods identification and coding. No logistics company can manage today without suitable IT systems and logistics IT—reason enough to give plenty of space to this theme at the exhibition.

E-commerce and e-business systems

  • E-procurement
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • ECR (Efficient Consumer Response)

The “e” in front shows the direction things are going also in purchasing, accounting and customer management: e-procurement, e-invoicing, e-business systems, ECR (Efficient Consumer Response)—everything becomes more efficient through digitalization. In the exhibition section on “E-commerce and e-business systems”, visitors can find out about the operation and advantages of tools and systems and discuss them direct with the suppliers.

Transport control and IT systems

  • Receiving, storage, and distribution of goods
  • Transport scheduling
  • Provision, maintenance, and repair of transport equipment
  • IT equipment and control systems in ports, airports, terminals and in the infrastructure
  • Systems and installations for automatic identification (of containers, vehicles, loading/unloading equipment)
  • Location and navigation systems
  • IT security

The section on “Transport control and IT systems” is all about optimizing transport processes. The aim is to streamline in-company material flow, using the right transport equipment, from incoming goods to storage and distribution. Obviously, on their transport route via ports, airports and terminals, the goods have to be identified, located and controlled. The control systems on display at the exhibition also focus on IT security.

Integrated traffic management systems (ITMS)

  • Operational and planning systems
  • Route and information systems
  • Systems for freight traffic management
  • Operational and communications systems for rail traffic
  • Information/control centres for traffic management

“Integrated traffic management systems”, that is what the suppliers in this section of the exhibition are offering. Complex operational and traffic management systems are on show that can control intelligently transports on road and rail and combine them via innovative planning and communication systems. In this way entire information/control centers arise, for modern traffic management.

Read more about developments and logistics concepts.

Research and development

Logistics IT and telematics are much driven by research. In the exhibition section on “Research and development” universities, independent research groups and research institutes have the opportunity to present themselves and their work. As such transport logistic also gives science marketing a platform.

Further exhibition sectors

Perfect logistics: transport logistic presents all possible solutions in one place. Our four exhibition sectors offer everything for transport on land, on water, in the air, and for intermodal freight. Whether you are interested in services, products, or research findings, key players from all parts of the industry come here to present.