Participation prices for your booth at transport logistic

For your stand, choose one of four versions in different sizes and shapes. Or take advantage of our attractive full-service package. You can find details of all other participation prices in the overview.

Prices for stand space only

Choose the stand type you would like. You will be responsible for designing, stand structure, planning, setting up, and dismantling your stand.

Participation prices

Stand typePrice

Row stand (1 side open)

EUR 195/m²

Corner stand (2 sides open)

EUR 216/m²

End stand (3 sides open)

EUR 229/m²

Island stand (4 sides open)

EUR 236/m²

Outdoor exhibition area

EUR 98/m²

Tracks (1 running meter of tracks equates 3m width x 1m length = 3m²)

EUR 104/m²

Participation prices are calculated net, per square meter of floor space. Minimum size is 20 square meters.

Please note: In the case of a two-story construction, a surcharge of 50 percent of the floor space price will be made for the second floor. The area of the second floor will not be taken into account in calculating the allocation of free exhibitor passes.

Additional participation costs


Mandatory communication fee¹

EUR 500

Advance payment for services²

EUR 20/m²

AUMA fee³

EUR 0.60/m²

Flatrate fee for waste disposal⁴
For waste produced during set-up, dismantling and the fair itself

EUR 5.50/m²

Co-exhibitor fee

EUR 250

Mandatory communication fee¹ for co-exhibitors

EUR 250

Energy cost surcharge⁵

EUR 5.00/m²

¹ Mandatory communication fee:
The mandatory communication fee includes the basic entries in the online exhibitor directory and visit planner as well as a listing in the online sections “press and exhibitor event calendar”.

² Advance payment for services:
After the fair, the prepayment will be reconciled on the final invoice against services actually ordered.

³ AUMA-fee:
The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) collects a contribution from all exhibitors. This is invoiced by Messe München GmbH and transferred directly to AUMA.

⁴ Flatrate fee for waste disposal:
The fixed waste disposal fee covers disposal of waste produced by the exhibitor at the stand during set-up and dismantling as well as for the duration of the trade fair.

⁵ Energy cost surcharge:
An energy cost surcharge of 5.00 EUR/m² of rented hall exhibition space will be charged. In principle, the participation fee includes the costs for lighting, heating and air conditioning of all exhibition spaces. Due to the recent sharp rise in energy prices, Messe München GmbH is forced to charge this energy cost surcharge in addition.

Full-service stand package including stand construction

Take advantage of our complete solution at a price of EUR 6,840. You will be provided with a fully equipped stand.

A surcharge of €240 is included for each Full Service Package stand, both due to the recent sharp rise in energy prices and the equally recent sharp rise in stand construction costs.

The full-service stand package includes the following services:

  • row stand, 20 m²
  • high-quality stand construction incl. carpet (ribbed carpet, color of your choice), 7 spotlights
  • fascia panel lettering with 20 letters per fascia panel
  • equipment: furniture suite (1 table 70 cm x 70 cm + 4 chairs), bar counter, brochure stand, waste-paper basket
  • lockable cabin (1 m x 1 m)
  • electrical connection and power consumption (3 kW, 230 V/ 50 Hz)
  • daily cleaning and waste disposal (includes fixed waste disposal fee)
  • basic entries in the official transport logistic trade fair media (incl. mandatory communication fee)
  • one entry each in the online directories for „product groups“, „industry sectors“ and „logistical economic areas“
  • online listing in the sections „press and exhibitor event calendar“
  • 50 free online vouchers for one-day tickets
  • 3 exhibitor passes
  • AUMA fee

The transport logistic team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.