Frequently asked questions—FAQ

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding transport logistic here.

What kind of stand types do you offer?

Stay on budget with accurate calculations and transparent cost control. Please find here our prices and stand offers.

All prices are net and subject to applicable value-added tax.

What additional fees will apply?

Costs in addition to the participation prices are listed here.

What charges should be considered for budget calculation?

We prepared an as an aid for calculating your budget.

Prices marked with * are prices of 2022. They will be updated as soon as the prices for 2023 are available. All prices indicated below are net and subject to applicable value-added tax.

Which services are included in Full service package stand?

Take advantage of our complete solution at a price of EUR 6,600. You will be provided with a fully equipped stand.

Here you will find the services that the full-service package stand includes.

What is AUMA fee?

The German Council of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (AUMA –Der Ausstellungs- und Messeausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft) represents interests of exhibitors, organizers and visitors of exhibitions, examines and certifies trade fair key figures. Therefore, AUMA charges an amount to all exhibitors.

The amount is invoiced by MMG and passed on directly to AUMA.

What is flat-rate fee for waste disposal?

The flat-rate fee for waste disposal during the fair covers the disposal of waste generated by the exhibitor at his stand during the fair, set-up and dismantling. Grey refuse sacks (60 l) will be distributed during the event for any standard (non-production) waste generated on the stands. The sacks containing waste must be deposited on the stand perimeter in the evenings (by 20:00).

What is advance payment for services that need to be ordered?

The invoice you receive upon notice of admission includes an advance payment for services to be ordered (e.g. electricity, water disposal, telecommunication services, tickets). After the fair, on the final invoice, the advance payment will be deducted from the costs for the services that were actually ordered.

What is mandatory communication fee?

The obligatory communication fee includes the basic entries in the online exhibitor directory and in the visit planner (see basic entries) as well as entry options in the online sections press and exhibitor event calendars.

What is a co-exhibitor?

Co-exhibitor is a company represented by personnel and exhibiting its products on a stand of a main exhibitor. This also includes group companies and subsidiaries. Co-exhibitors are to be registered by the main exhibitor on a separate form. A fee of 250 EUR and a communication fee of 250 EUR for each co-exhibitor are levied and invoiced to the main exhibitor.

How can I apply my co-exhibitors?

The main exhibitor will provide an online link to its co-exhibitors for registering. This online link will be created as soon as the main exhibitor completed its own application online.

How does the stand application process work?

Please fill in all fields of the online exhibitor application, which can be found here. Our Exhibitors’ will help you with any questions.

After receipt of the application, we will confirm your application via email. Our placement proposal together with a hall plan will be sent to you via email after the allocation in fall 2022.

Afterwards, you have a time limit of one week to confirm the placement proposal or discuss other options with us. The acceptance of the placement proposal represents a contractual offer, from which the exhibitor cannot withdraw once it has been received by Messe München.

Should you not accept the placement proposal, the application can be withdrawn free of charge. Please see “A2 Admission” in “General Terms of Participation (A).”

Can I cancel my participation as an exhibitor and what are the cancellation fees?

Process description and costs are listed in “A 5 Cancellation of contract” in “General Terms of Participation (A).”

When is the deadline for application?

The deadline for application is September 15, 2022. Applications will be also accepted and included in the allocation process after the deadline. In the later case, stand location requirements can only be partially fulfilled.

Is there a possibility to indicate stand location requirements?

Your stand location requirements can be indicated in the application form. We make any effort during the allocation process to meet the requirements of all the registered companies. We hope for your understanding that we are unable to fulfill all the wishes concerning stand location. In any case, we recommend you to send us the application form until September 15, 2022.

When does the allocation process begin?

The allocation begins in October 2022 starting with registered return exhibitors (from 100 m² stand size). New exhibitors will receive their stand proposal in January 2023.

Is there a list of deadlines?

We prepared an overview of all the deadlines until the exhibition for you.

What stand construction regulation for transport logistic should I comply with?

Halls, General

One-story construction
The maximum upper edge is 7.5 m. The maximum advertising height (upper edge) is 7.50 m.

To maintain transport logistic character as a communications platform and work exhibition, exhibitors must make sure that their stands have an open design. Messe München GmbH is entitled to prescribe changes in stand design in this context. Stand designs can only be approved if the open sides of the stand have a uniformly open design.

Erecting closed walls is permitted, provided they do not take up more than 70% of the stand side in question, and completely closed walls may be no more than 6 m in length. A closed length of wall measuring 6 m must be followed by an opening at least 2 m wide. This clearance width of 2 m must also be observed in the case of an exhibit which acts like a continuous, closed wall (e.g. container, trailer etc.).

The rear side of the walls of your stand above a height of 2.5 m must be of a neutral design, white, smooth, clean and free of installation materials. Only such materials as are opaque and impervious to light are permitted for this purpose (no textiles).

Advertising hoardings that extend above the walls of the stand must be at least 2 m away from the immediately adjacent stand. Advertising may not feature flashing or alternating lights.

It is not permitted to extend the stand design over the aisles. Messe München GmbH reserves the right to allow exceptions to this ruling in individual, well-founded cases.

The use of balloons, airships and other flying objects, e.g. drones, is generally prohibited in the halls and outdoor exhibition area. Exceptions require the prior written permission of the Technical Exhibition Services Division of Messe München. Only firmly anchored balloons with a diameter up to one meter are approvable. To the extent that approval is granted, the balloons and airships may only be filled with non-flammable, non-toxic gases. It must be ensured at all times that the balloon is kept within the stand boundaries, maintaining a distance of 2 m to all stand walls and does not exceed the maximum advertising height of 7.5 m.

Outdoor exhibition area

Structural elements, stand signs and flags must be designed such that they do not constitute an unreasonable disturbance for neighboring stands. Misleading company signs must be removed at the request of the Exhibition Management.

When carrying out any stand set-up work, attention should be given to existing supply lines, distribution boxes, hydrants, light masts, etc. If such facilities are located on the premises of individual stands, access to them must be assured at all times.

To prevent any damages, no underground work may be started without prior consultation of Messe München GmbH’s Technical Exhibition Services Division. Exhibitors whose stands border on the perimeter of the exhibition grounds may not use the fencing for stand set-up purposes. The outside fencing may not be used for advertising purposes.

All exhibits to be erected in the outdoor exhibition area reaching a height of more than 10 m require the prior approval of Messe München GmbH’s Technical Exhibition Services Division (TAS) and must be registered with TAS via the respective exhibitor services order form 12 weeks prior to the commencement of the fair at the latest.

Further regulations are listed in the application form in “Technical Guidelines” and under B7 in “Special Terms of Participation”

When is the planning approval by Messe München GmbH necessary?

The planning approval is necessary in the following cases: for stand designs for two-storey constructions, for stands larger than 100 m², stand structures exceeding 3 m or for stands with covering/canopy. Stand concepts meeting this requirements are to be submitted in duplicate for approval to Messe München GmbH’s TAS, containing to-scale stand design plans (ground plan, elevations and sectional drawings) no later than March 14, 2023.

What are the set-up and dismantling times?

Set-up: May 2, 2023, 08:00 until May 8, 2023, 18:00

Dismantling: May 12, 2023, 16:00 until May 16, 2023, 18:00

Who can answer my technical questions relating to transport logistic?

For all technical questions regarding transport logistic, please contact the Technical Exhibition Services Division.

The respective contact persons and details can be found here.

What is the address for deliveries to transport logistic?

transport logistic
Name of the exhibitor who is to receive the delivery
Hall (outdoor area) + stand number Messegelände/Willy-Brandt-Allee
81829 München

Please note that this address is valid only for the duration of the trade fair. Make sure there is someone on a stand to receive the delivery- For deliveries in the run-up to the fair, please contact one of our service partners.

Schenker Deutschland AG
Tel.: +49 89 949-24300
Fax: +49 89 949-24339

Kühne-Nagel (AG Co. KG)
Tel.: +49 89 949-24400
Fax: +49 89 949-24409

Employees of Messe München GmbH do not accept deliveries for stands or third parties.

When will I receive free exhibitor passes?

Free Print@home Tickets (exhibitor passes) will not be sent to you automatically. All exhibitor passes, whether free or those subject to fee, can be ordered and personalized in the online exhibitor shop. The Print@home Tickets will be sent as Mobile Ticket or via email.

When placing your order, there is no need to differentiate between free passes and those, which are subject to a fee. On your final invoice, you will only be billed for Print@home Tickets (exhibitor passes) that were actually used during the fair. Naturally, there is no charge for the number of free passes to which you are entitled.

The fee for any remaining passes, i.e. those that are subject to a fee, is EUR 39 plus VAT per pass.

How many free exhibitor passes am I entitled to?

In the halls

  • up to 20 m² of stand size 3 Print@home-Tickets (exhibitor passes)
  • as from 21 m² for every further 10 m² or part thereof 1 Print@home-Ticket (exhibitor passes) in addition
  • as from 101 m² for every further 20 m² or part thereof 1 Print@home-Ticket (exhibitor passes) in addition

In the outdoor exhibition area

  • up to 60 m² of stand size 3 Print@home-Tickets (exhibitor passes)
  • as from 61 m² for every further 20 m² or part thereof 1 Print@home-Ticket (exhibitor passes) in addition
  • as from 201 m² for every further 50 m² or part thereof 1 Print@home-Ticket (exhibitor passes) in addition

Co-exhibitors obtain one free print@home ticket (exhibitor pass).

How do I get to Messe München using a navigation system?

Depending on which navigation system you are using, Messe München can be found under the keywords “Ausstellungsgelände”, “Messezentrum" or "Messe”.

Some navigation systems also allow you to select a specific entrance, i.e. "Eingang Ost" (East Entrance), “Eingang West” (West Entrance) or “Eingang Nord” (North Entrance). You can reach transport logistic via the East and West Entrances.

You can also enter the address “Am Messesee” for West Entrance or “Am Messeturm 4” for East Entrance.

Is it possible to access the exhibition grounds by vehicles during the trade fair?

If you need to drive onto the site when the fair is on, you will be asked for a deposit of EUR 100 during the entire exhibition period (on Friday, May 12, 2023 only possible until 12 noon).

If after one hour your vehicle has not been removed from the site, the deposit will be forfeited and the vehicle removed at your cost. For further information on traffic regulations please refer to the 'Traffic Guide' available online 6 weeks before the beginning of the trade fair.

Where will I find information about my travel?

Whether you are coming to the trade fair center by air, by car, by rail or using local public transport, we have put together all the information and research tools you will need to plan your travel.

Where will I find information about your accommodation and stay?

Are you looking for a hotel, a private room or an apartment? Would you like to discover what Munich has to offer outside the trade fair grounds? We have put together all the information and research tools you will need to plan your accommodation and stay.

Do I need a visa, and how can I get a visa?

Generally speaking, citizens and/or visitors from the EU do not need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. All other participants are generally required to get a visa. Your admission ticket does not replace a visa invitation letter. Detailed information about applying for a visa is available on our visa page.

If you have questions about visas, please contact our foreign representatives. They would also be pleased to help you with your travel arrangements.

Who can book advertising spaces and sponsoring at transport logistic?

Only exhibitors, co-exhibitors and exhibitors participating on joint stands at transport logistic have the possibility to book advertising spaces and sponsoring on and around trade fair grounds.

Booking advertising space/Media sales

Where and how will the exhibiting companies be published?

As an exhibitor, you automatically receive basic entry (company name/hall/stand no.) in the visit guide and entry in online database under product groups / industry sectors / economic region. Our official catalog publisher, Neureuter Fair Media, will inform you in due time about additional chargeable entry options (e.g. address, company profile, product groups entry, company logo etc.).

What is the official publisher for transport logistic media?

Only Neureuter Fair Media is entitled to send you offers concerning entries in official transport logistic media (online exhibitor database, catalog, visit guide and transport logistic app). Other publishers are not authorized.

Is it allowed to organize promotion on the trade fair grounds outside the exhibition stand?

Promotion permissions, advertising spaces and sponsoring can be booked by exhibitors at our department Media Sales.

When is the opening ceremony?

Tuesday, May 9, 2023. Time and place will be announced.

All exhibitors are cordially invited!

How can I become a speaker in Confernce Program?

We do not offer speaker slots. Our exhibitors have a possibility to book conference rooms for their own presentations and workshops.

Our official conference program is planned and organized by our conceptual sponsors like associations, media co-operations and institutes. It is a responsibility of our conceptual sponsors to choose speakers.

The main topics and conceptual sponsors will be published online as of end of November 2022.

Is it possible to use Wi-Fi on the exhibition grounds?


Messe München GmbH cannot guarantee the unlimited access to free Wi-Fi. To enable safe and trouble-free business performance on your stand we advise to book chargeable wired LAN connection.

Am I allowed to bring my dog onto the exhibition grounds of Messe München?

No, according to Messe München´s house and user rules it is not allowed to bring animals onto the exhibition grounds with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.